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Board Officers

Nancy Baker
Nancy Baker
(Half Moon Bay, CA)

Nancy has been an “out” lesbian for over 40 years and an active participant in the social change around LGBT rights. She has a long history of activist and scholarly work dealing with gender, sexual orientation, race, and class. While at Stanford, she was the Active’s President of Cap and Gown and the President of the Undergraduate Psychology Student organization. Currently, she is Director of the Forensic Psychology Concentration at Fielding Graduate University. Nancy has served as President of the Society for the Psychology of Women and as Chairperson of the American Psychological Association’s Committee on Women in Psychology. Raised in Kentucky, Nancy has resided in California since arriving at Stanford in 1968. She and her spouse/partner of 28 years currently reside in the Half Moon Bay area. Contact
Brendan Hamel-Bissell
Brendan Hamel-Bissell
(Stanford, CA)
MS EE '12

Brendan was born and raised in Underhill, Vermont, a town of 3000 people. He was first inspired by LGBT issues at 12 years old when he attended a House Committee hearing on Civil Unions at the Vermont State House with his father. He is an active supporter of the LGBT and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) community as the president of Stanford's GradQ, cofounder of Stanford oSTEM, and graduate student panelist at the Out for Undergraduate Technology Conference (OUTC). He was recognized by Stanford with a 2013 Graduate Education Academic Achievement Award. Brendan earned his B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, in 2010. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. His research interests include fiber optics and photonic devices.
Vinney Le
Vinney Le
(San Francisco, CA)
BA Human Biology '11

Vinney is a Bay Area native and artsy science nerd who is interested in addressing health disparities in underserved gender and sexual minority communities. Some of his favorite memories from Stanford include singing with Talisman A Cappella, wearing his Yoshi backpack at Camp Kesem, and getting to know his best friends from the first floor of Rinconada. He was the first in his family to graduate from college. He then became a science educator for two years at Next Generation Scholars, a nonprofit in San Rafael that helps underserved communities access higher education by providing both academic enrichment and comprehensive social services, before he moved to San Francisco to complete a post-baccalaureate program at UCSF School of Medicine. Now, he works as a stewardship writer and project manager with Stanford Medical Center Development and is thrilled to be returning to patient care, where his heart is, as a COMET Fellow and medical scribe with Stanford Family Medicine. In the wild, he can be found stretching on a yoga mat, scaling indoor climbing walls, dancing on the flo’ at a music concert, or singing with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.
Laura Shact
Laura Shact
(San Francisco, CA)
MBA '10

Laura grew up in Chicago and happily relocated to the Bay Area to attend the Stanford GSB. Prior to business school, Laura worked as a consultant in Deloitte's Human Capital Consulting practice. She specialized in change management, communications, and training for technology implementation projects, and her favorite project during that time was working at Harley-Davidson. Laura works at Deloitte's San Francisco office. Laura loves hiking and running outdoors. On weekends, she can be found hiking the "Dish" or exploring local parks. In addition to Laura's interest in outdoor adventures, she also has a passion for international cuisine and considers herself a "foodie." Favorite foods include Indian chicken curry, sushi, and gelato. She also loves to travel and offers consultation on the best reward programs for credit cards, airlines, hotels, and rental cars. Contact

Board of Directors

All the officers listed above are members of the Board of Directors. The other members are:

  • Adam Bad Wound, MA Education Policy '05, MA Sociology '06: Chair, Finance & Development Committee (San Francisco, CA) Contact
  • Claude Baudoin, MS Computer Science '74: Chair, Communications & Membership Committee (Austin, TX) Contact
  • Wil Bowen, BA International Relations, BS Symbolic Systems '03 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Marcus Busby, BS Product Design '13 (Stanford, CA)
  • Zach D'Angelo, BS Product Design '11: Alternate Secretary (Redwood City, CA)
  • Sebastian De Vivo, MA Cultural & Social Anthropology '08, PhD Classics '13 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Jessie Dubreuil, BA English ‘99, MA English '00 (Denver, CO)
  • John Elias, JD '06 (Washington, DC)
  • Eric P. Elkin, BA Human Biology '88 (Berkeley, CA)
  • Jim Farah, BA Economics '68 (New York, NY)
  • John Freed, BS Mathematical Sciences '77 (Paris, France)
  • Ali Murat Gali, Human Biology (BA expected '17)
  • Gerry Giacoman Colyer, MBA ‘15 (San Francisco, CA)
  • Aaron Kalb, BS Symbolic Systems '11, MS Symbolic Systems '12 (Mountain View, CA)
  • David Press, BA History '90 (New York, NY)
  • Lauren Tanner, MBA '13 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Kevin Wegener, BS Electrical Engineering '00 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Marcus Williams, BS Civil Engineering '04 (Oakland, CA)

Presidents Emeriti

  • James W. Haas, '64
  • Kathy Levinson, '77
  • Kathy Veit, M.A. '88
  • Juan Jover, M.S. '84, Ph.D. '85
  • George Duran, '89
  • Nick Kelley, '00
  • Elly Matsumura, '01
  • Shiyan Koh, '05
  • Ryan Wirtz, '04
  • Anietie Ekanem, '02
  • Dwight Tran, '06
  • Jim Farah, '68
  • John Elias, J.D. '06