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Get Involved

We are always looking for great people to donate their time to organize an event in their area. We also want this to be something that YOU want to do. Think of an event and make it happen!

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please fill out the form below! We’ll put your name in our pool of volunteers, then follow up with you about upcoming opportunities in your area.

What kind of event can I do?

If you already have something in mind, let us know about it and we’ll tell you whether or not we can support it as an official Stanford Pride event. For simple events like local outings or networking opportunities, you are welcome to post details on our Stanford Pride Facebook group to help spread the word. For bigger events with potential panelists or more complex involvement, we can sometimes provide Stanford Pride banners, membership signup forms, business cards, and swag in addition to leveraging our mailing list for attendance. We have active volunteers who participate in varying degrees with Stanford Pride events. Whether you want to organize a single meetup at your local favorite bar or plan an entire panel for an intellectual discussion about LGBT issues in your area, we’d be happy to have you!

When will I hear about upcoming opportunities?

A member of the Stanford Pride Board of Directors will reach out to you to discuss your volunteer interests. Once we’ve got a better idea of what kind of involvement you’re looking for, we can start to notify you of events coming up that will fit your interests and time commitments.